Our Specialization

First Class Equipment

Our company is specialized in develop design and manufacture scrap metal recycling equipment.Our equipment has PCB recycling machine, copper wire recycling machine, scrap motor recycling machine, scrap radiator recycling machine, lithium battery recycling machine,.etc


Our Services


Material Testing

To guarantee the real performance of our machine, customer can bring the material for testing.

Solution Design

Our experienced technical engineer will design 3D mold based on the customer's needs.

Spare Parts Supply

Rapid supply of high quality authentic spare parts to ensure continual operation.

Solution Scheme

We refer the mature solutions of the old customers to new customers.

Customer Site

KR600s Copper Wire Granulator Machine In Singapore

In the video is our KR600s copper wire granulator machine. This customer is came from singapoer. After comparing some manufacturers, the customer finally chose us.

Single Core Aluminum Wire Recycling Project in India

This project is in India, the customer try to use our KR600S cable granulator to recycle single-core aluminum wire. The effect is very satisfactory to the customer.

400kg/h houses wires recycling project in India

This project is in India, the material is house wires. The model of this project is KR600 cable granulator, its processing capacity is 300-500kg/h.

Copper Wire Recycling Plant in Changge, China

This project is in Changge, China. In order to increase production, the customer has adjusted the processing speed of equipment. He reprocessed the material.